Allora rewards customers who sign a Customer Agreement by giving them guaranteed service and discounted rates. Customer Agreements consist of at least three parts: the Agreement itself, which outlines basic terms and conditions of the contract between Allora and the Customer, an Exhibit specifying our rates for service, and an Exhibit which outlines services and payment terms specific to that Customer. Our Customer Agreements cover the following types of service:

· Monthly Maintenance Services. These services are scheduled on a monthly basis in order to reliably and securely maintain customer`s computer network. They include inspections, backups, updates, scans and workplace optimization. Customers receive a 25% discount off of these Monthly Maintenance Services.

· Prescheduled Services. Customers may choose to purchase a set number of hours each month in which Allora will perform services at the customer`s direction and at a set schedule. Customers receive a 25% discount off of these Prescheduled Services.

· Emergency Support Services. This guarantees that an Allora technician will respond to a call for emergency support within a set amount of time.

· Hosting Services. Allora offers a number of packages designed to affordably and reliably host a customer`s website and email.

Here's a quick breakdown of contract advantages from a client's and Allora's perspectives:

Client Benefits

Allora Benefits

  • 25% savings on scheduled IT services
  • Task list allows proactive service vs reactive. It cuts labor costs and avoids unexpected down time
  • Scheduling brings order and discipline, it prevents overlooked or ignored IT tasks
  • Guaranteed response time for urgent tech support requests
  • Projects approved by designated staff members before work begins preventing surprise billing
  • 1 year commitment
  • Maximizes our scheduling system by eliminating most appointment conflicts and allowing better response time for unexpected events
  • Business relationship and regulations are solidified in writing

Monthly Maintenance and Prescheduled Services are scheduled in advance for example, the second Tuesday of every month at 10:00AM. This means that Customers can anticipate downtime and technical support availability by knowing in advance when service will occur. Emergency Support Services occur on an as needed basis and Hosting Services occur continuously.

Customer Agreements are in effect for one year after they are signed, and if not terminated in writing 30 days prior to the end of the year, renew for an additional year. Service rates are guaranteed for the first year, and are subject to change only at the beginning of each renewal period. Customers must agree to pay for contracted services through the end of the contract period.
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