As consultants, we study the marketplace of IT Solutions from the standpoint of the customer: What approach will work effectively and reliably, at reasonable cost? We do not ally ourselves with any particular vendor, and focus on their products for a profit. Allora functions similar to an on-call employee, or an entire IT department without the overhead. In essence: we work for you.

The articles in the IT Solutions section outline our specific recommendations for implementing an IT infrastructure that will improve your company's efficiency, and enhance your organization, communications, and your overall technical prowess. We provide this as a free service to enhance the value of our consulting labor.

Naturally we can relate your needs for technical services to our own since Allora is also a small business firm. Unlike large corporations and freelancers we can easily focus on the aspects of balancing the professional approach and cost effectiveness of the IT solutions for your business. Just like you we have to answer the same questions:
  • What bandwidth should I choose and how much my competitor is paying?
  • What server we should get to do this job while leaving some space in the budget for Christmas bonuses?
  • Are they asking too much for this otherwise lovely Web Gallery application?

Please, feel free to read what our clients have to say about us with respect to the concept of Focusing on the Customer.

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