The reason that Dilbert so successfully lampoons consulting firms is that their job typically stops when they are through criticizing and advising your company; they leave it up to you (or a systems integrator), to actually implement their advice. Not only does this approach often lead to unrealistic proposals, but it also lacks accountability. You can't blame the consultant if you mess up the implementation.

In addition to IT onsulting, Allora provides execution (implementation) and technical support services.  We back up our advice with action, and we stay involved through thick and thin. We work with you to implement and maintain your IT infrastructure; and when you sign a Customer Agreement, we commit to accelerated response times in the event that you have a technical emergency.

We want to earn your business for the long haul, so that you continue to rely on our IT services as well as our expertise (IT Consulting). As such, we are open and accountable, and committed to proving our words with deeds.


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