You may wonder what drives our approach to IT solutions, or why we ignore tradition and post our rates for all to see. Our Business Philosophy encompasses these concepts:

When it comes to billing for IT services there are two types of companies providing Small Business IT support:

1) firms that bill by the hour and therefore a customer only pays for the actual IT services provided

2) firms that collect a monthly fee in exchange for a promise to provide IT service when needed

Allora's philosophy has been firmly established on the first type and here's why:

a) we've explored alternatives and it led to serious issues like frustration and sense of unfair charges for customers as well as difficulties of time management for the provider

b) over the years we have seen many customers running away from a retainer-based agreements for one simple reason: once an IT consultant collects a payment the temptation to simply coast without exerting much effort or providing proactive maintenance is so strong that most companies fall for it. We've heard horrifying testimonies about absurd levels of begging that it took to request an onsite network technician, another popular complaint was about response times exceeding days if not weeks. This is very common for retainer-based providers and essentially it is a direct consequence of human psychology when there's a lack of accountability.

Based on this experience we've developed the following key principles of operation for providing Small Business IT support ( illustrated by this video):

  • proactive approach always beats reactive because it is cheaper, easier and significantly less stressful. Thus establishing a schedule for maintenance and inspection is essential
  • response time for dealing with unexpected issues must be less than one business day
  • a customer always has access to reports of performed IT services prior to receiving an invoice
  • NO TAXATION on computer infrastructure: if there's no labor - there's no charge

If you have any doubts or questions on our Business Philosophy on IT services - please, feel free to speak to our customers who can testify that our approach does work and serves in the best interest of a client.

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