Unlike most computer consulting firms, Allora generally does not engage into partnerships with specific software, equipment, and IT service vendors. Our first responsibility is to our customers, and our recpommendations are based on an honest assessment of the best solution to fit your circumstances. We do not give advice based on 'kick backs', or revenue sharing arrangements that we have with other vendors.

In certain few cases, however, the benefits of choosing a certain vendor in Raleigh & Durham area are so obvious and overwhelming, that we proudly announce our partnership with that vendor and promote their products with confidence. We currently have partnership arrangements with Intrex Computers, Time Warner Cable Business Class, Avast and GFI.

Intrex Computers is a locally owned business providing computer hardware and software. They have a very knowledgeable sales staff and capable technicians who build quality workstations and servers at reasonable prices, without gimmicks or short cuts. We highly value this particular partnership because of very high standards of warranty IT services (although Allora rarely has to resort to it unlike DELL products for instance)

Time Warner Cable Business Class provides a demonstrably superior bandwidth resource for small businesses in our market. They are the best value for broadband in the area and we enthusiastically endorse their bandwidth solutions

GFI - has a wide selection of security and network maintenance products for Small Businesses (more specifically server-based networks). GFI's office in Cary makes them our neighbor and this fact naturally fits Allora's choice to partner with GFI.

Avast is not a local player by any means (they are headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic). There are several reasons why we developed strong partnership with Avast: Small Business market is their prime focus; Avast provides an excellent FREE AntiVirus protection for home users and thus a lot of our clients coming to work deal with a familiar product; very reasonable pricing, especially when it comes to non-profit organizations.

In the world of Open-Source Allora enjoys working with organizations like RedHat, Joomla and CiviCRM.

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