We're happy to announce the launch of babylonraleigh.com - revamped website of a fine establishment in the city of Raleigh. Visit the website and visit the restaurant for authentic Moroccan cuisine or night life entertainment.

Babylon Events

Allora was hired to redesign Babylon's website keeping its original design structure and philosophy. The prime objectives of this webdesign project were

a) deploying a functional Calendar and Event interface
b) bridging social websites, online reservation system and mailing list subscription
c) sleek and yet simple gallery with minimum requirements to process updates & additions

As usual Joomla's rich extension pool allowed us to reach these goals within a reasonable budget. Babylon's staff gained easy access to maintain the content, such as adding events, pictures and writing content.

We would like to thank the authors of Ohanah application for it provided a truly powerful interface for handling Events and registrations.

babylon snapshot
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