Now our website can be conveniently viewed on various mobile devices such as Smart Phones (including a dedicated design for iPhone) and WAP browsers. Thanks to Joomla creating a mobile version of AlloraCOM turned out to be an easy task!

mobile_viewMost modern browsers for cell phones or other mobile devices would attempt to render any web-page as a regular computer-based browser would do. There's even adequate support for Flash or Javascript these days. Nevertheless we felt that the sheer size of most screens of 3-4 inches and resolution of ~800x480 does not permit adequate readability.

At first glance the implementation of this idea might seem horrendous as the task of recreating all content optimized for mobile browsers would consume days of labor, if not weeks. However the flexibility of CMS approach truly shined in these circumstances and allowed us to deploy the mobile version of AlloraCOM in just a few hours.

Thanks to folks from it was very easy to install their Joomla Extension which automatically adapts all our content for mobile browsers! It only required a few modifications to polish the look of the site such as Logo addition and some CSS customization. There was no need to make any adjustments to the Menu structure or graphics: everything is translated on the fly. We're very glad to reach out to all mobile visitors of our website with a user-friendly look.


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