Recently we've been involved in the local business development for startups in Chapel Hill. So-called "business incubators" LAUNCH and 1789 took off in Jan and May, 2013. These facilities for UNC students are inspired and driven by Jim Kitchen and Taylor Smith. Who knows, maybe 10 years from now, a new Mark Zuckerberg would be giving interviews about the launch-pad on Franklin Street from which it all began.

As for our part in it, at first, Allora has provided IT consulting and IT services to construct a safe (IT-wise), robust and convenient technical infrastructure for both business incubators. LAUNCH facilityAt the moment, we're planning on establishing regular help-desk hours for the members to acquire free IT consulting and support. In Allora's IT solutions section we've been routinely providing useful articles for startups and small businesses, for example:

PC Guide: how to set up a computer properly?


How to set up a network for a start-up business at low cost?

and now we're looking forward to interactive sessions of brain storming like "how to maximize our gain on such and such budget", "should we try going cloud here or dodge it?".
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