Often customers who seek web design from Allora Consulting don`t have a clear understanding of web site development stages and their complexity.  In this article we hope to give you a better understanding of the web design process as Allora conducts it. We will focus on the flagman of our web services: Joomla Content Management System (CMS).

Web site development begins with an interview between a customer and the designer to gain information about the customer`s objectives, challenges and requirements. Our web studio provides a check list to help the customer produce a comprehensive picture of the prospective web site. bob_sergey

From the information received from the interview and the check list, we submit a business proposal for the customer`s approval.  We then begin a study of the customer`s business activity and needs.  This analysis gives us knowledge of the company`s market position, its competitors, and other nuances of the business.  It provides us with an understanding of the future site`s input and output character and indicates issues needing special attention.

From this point on, our web studio splits the process into three stages (you may click on each stage to read a detailed explanation for it):

  • STAGE ONE:  Joomla Template Design -- Several visual prototypes will be created for the customer's consideration. Once the best direction has been determined, we work to bring the template to as ideal as possible and re-submit it for approval. This approach has proved to keep time and costs to a minimum.
  • STAGE TWO: Deploying Joomla Engine, Extensions -- We develop web sites using Joomla Content Management System (a CMS) and its various extensions to achieve desired goals (Slide Show, Organizational Tools, Document Library). This system allows us to quickly deploy a functional, feature-rich website to meet all technical requirements. Joomla is an excellent choice, we feel, for small business sites as well as for complex and multifunctional web portals and e-commerce.
  • STAGE THREE:  Testing, Refinement -- Here we work to make the site display correctly in all popular browsers. A variety of settings can make the website more reader-friendly.
  • STAGE FOUR (optional): SEO consultation and writing SEO-ready content -- content  determines the value of a website and therefore the amount of traffic it will receive. Unless the sole purpose of the site is to establish some credible web-presence it's very important to focus on this stage and generate high-quality (useful!) content.
Overall Web site development is complex but at the same time an exciting process. We make it the business of our specialists to stay up-to-date and aware of related resources and technology. Close cooperation with our customers allows us to fully satisfy their requirements. Our reward is a customer pleased with our work. You can be assured we will produce a professional product that will grow with your business.

In order to get a bulk-park figure on what budget you'd need for the web-deisgn of your site we suggest using these simple tools:
Web-design Estimate Wizard
Simple Web Design Cost Calculator

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