You may know what you need and when you want it scheduled. When you hire a new employee for example, you know they will need a desktop computer and printer. You know that you want your data backed up on a timely basis to ensure reliable and secure access to that data. Because you want to maximize productivity, you may want any work done on your computer network after business hours. But what happens if your laptop crashes right before your next business trip? Who will you call if your server is down, or if your employees can't print? What do you do if you need technical assistance on short notice without any hassle?

These scenarios result in two types of work as discussed below.

1) Recurring services (non-urgent in nature such as tune-up, maintenance) are driven by a legal agreement and therefore called Contractual Services or just Services for short. They are scheduled ahead of time and generally require a fixed or known amount of time to accomplish (unlike Consulting). Several Contractual Services are often combined into a single service event, such as a site visit for a server backup and Windows updates. We comprehensively cover the IT needs of small to mid-sized businesses across Central North Carolina.

2) Businesses that depend on IT for their operations need timely support, so that they can overcome unexpected technical difficulties and continue their profitable activities. Allora provides swift and effective support for a wide variety of technical issues. Allora provides all of our registered customers with a telephone Support hotline, as well as access to the Customer Support via email or our online intranet - AlloraNET. Using these tools, you can directly request support from an Allora employee. In the latter case, a qualified person will respond to your request in a timely fashion and provide Support Labor required to resolve your issue (Labor for short). Customers with a Service Contract enjoy distinct regulations of our response time.

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