We are proud to introduce our new partnership with pcAmerica to offer our clients around Raleigh, NC the best in class point of sale system for your café / pizza shop / restaurant / retail business. Being a direct partner with pcAmerica we are able to offer customers in Triangle Are competitive pricing as well as the combined experience of Allora and pcAmerica to create a custom designed solution for you business that is targeted to save you on operational costs.

Reasons to go with point of sale system are endless.

Being a retailer inventory control is a must. With pcAmerica POS system you will be in full control of your business and inventory, even if you are 2000 miles away.

General benefits:

  • The point of sale system is yours. There are no leases, no payments, the system and the software belongs to you and can easily be reprogrammed to work with a different business
  • Flexibility of hardware. Unlike many other brands that offer 1-3 different set ups, this system is completely custom built for your business needs. You will never need to buy “extras” because it is part of the package
  • Credit card processing choices. You will never be told that you have to use a specific credit card processor. You are free to use virtually any credit card processor; the system is set up to support them. Beware of some competitors that will “tie” you to their preferred processor, it will cost you thousands more.
  • Custom built system. We offer turnkey as well barebones system for some of the tech savvy clients. However, we do advise to have the system professionally installed for best user experience.
  • Do you already have the hardware? pcAmerica will work with virtually any set up meeting the minimum system requirements, saving you money.
  • With any new system we offer training to show features and functionality of the system.
  • You will get 24/7 support from pcAmerica as well as local support from Allora technicians should any questions arise.

Retail POS system is designed to:

  • Enable cashiers to ring up sales faster and keep the lines shorter
  • Prices and promotions are automatically calculated minimizing a human error
  • POS System is designed to track inventory for accuracy and theft reduction
  • You will always know what your top sellers are and what you are short of
  • POS software is designed to create accountability of your employees by tracking discounts, voids, no sales and restricting POS access based on unique employee ID
  • There are numerous reports and tools available to calculate profits, costs, payroll and labor, saving hours in administrative costs
  • Restaurant POS software is designed to:
  • Easy to use with quick order entry to speed up operations and lower customer wait times
  • With the kitchen and bar printers you will keep the smooth flow and organization in two of the busiest restaurant locations
  • Digital orders are easy to track, count and analyze. Eliminating the need for reviewing countless hand written checks and receipts
  • Inventory control helps with ordering and theft reduction
Time management will help you identify busy hours to adjust for needed personnel.

Retail point of sale system:

pos retail system softwareDo you know how many XYZ item do you have in stock or on order? Do you know the hours of the day with your highest sales? Do you know how much the labor is going to cost you this week? Do you know which vendor is offering you the best deal on the same item? Can you view reports from each of your locations from the comfort of your home? Do you know your profits margin on each item? Can you view your sales/costs/profit with a click of a button?

All, and many other, questions are addressed with the pcAmerica Cash Register Express (CRE) system. If you are in the need of better control of your business that will save you money every day, call us for a free consultation and advice on a custom system designed around your business needs.

Restaurant point of sale system:

restaurant point of sale systemDo you know what your top seller on the menu is? Have you sold enough XYZ to justify keeping it in on the menu? Do you know your per dish cost or profit margin? Do you keep enough people during the busiest hours of operation? How well are your bar items tracked and accounted for?

Even though pcAmerica has started over 20 years ago with a retail solution, Restaurant Pro Express (RPE) has become a very respected and competitive product. RPE will increase productivity and accountability of any size restaurant, coffee shop or take out restaurant. You will be able to better manage your inventory, labor and customer base. It can help track everything from food usage to the popular menu items. It will be an integral part of your payroll and scheduler. Give us a call for a free consultation on a system designed around your needs.


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