Allora can affordably host your website, email, groupware, ecommerce solution, or other web applications, on extremely secure and reliable hardware. We specialize in custom configurations of both Linux-Apache and Windows-IIS hosting, to meet the needs of our eclectic clientele.

Our philosophy, as applied to Internet hosting

At Allora, we look at hosting as a vital tool of our larger practice, rather than as a product or service in itself. We are not attempting to compete with BlueHost or Yahoo, which are delivering cheap Internet hosting to the masses. Our monthly prices are higher, which may or may not result in a higher cost to you. For example, when you host your email at Allora, it is easy for us to set up and troubleshoot your office computers` email access. If you host with a third party and have a problem, it will take us more time (and cost you more money) to resolve the issue. Additionally, if you want to add specialty applications or customize your Internet services, you won`t get very far talking to a call-center. At Allora you deal directly with the network technician capable of making it happen. If you will need our consulting and/or support for hosting related projects, we are certain that you will save money by hosting with us directly.

Our equipment and methods

Our hosting facilities and equipment are top notch. We employ mirror swapping for full-system backup, and RAID-5 redundant storage for data-only partitions. In addition, the data on each server (including your website and email) is backed up on a daily basis, with weekly archives retained for six months. The drive mirrors are swapped out on a monthly basis. Each server also has redundant power supplies, so that failure of this critical component will not stall the system. We collocate our servers at CarolinaNET, a physically secure facility with multiply-redundant power and bandwidth. 

Hosting Rates and Availability Services
We offer a number of different hosting and packages to meet our customers' needs. We also offer availability service packages for those customers who wish to take a proactive approach. More information about these packages can be found at the following links:

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