Once we complete the first phase of our business - Consulting - it is time for action. At this point all important variables of the situation in hand have been established, the customer has accepted the proposed road map of a project and Allora's team is ready to Execute the proposed plan.  There are two main aspects of the Execution phase; from the customer's perspective:
  1. The short-term impact of the transition: preparation of the data, optimizing the old system (if present), and potential downtime at the time of the project.
  2. Post-deployment necessities such as: troubleshooting, additional customization, tutoring of the staff and future Support.

The majority of the nuances is usually addressed during the Consulting phase. We do our best to predict and minimize the inconveniences that a customer might have to endure. Another important factor is the cost efficiency of any suggested IT solution. Typically it is not too difficult to find a good middle ground between the smoothest ride possible and the cheapest fare that Allora can deliver. Overall it is always the customer's choice: some folks might pick a low-end, budget solution (still a sturdy solution but may be lacking in the area of extra features) and there are clients who may want the cadillic version.  We are equiped to do either of these options as well as everything in between.  Allora Consulting is confident that whatever the choice is, our customers will be satisfied with their chosen IT solution.


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