A relationship with Allora begins at a meeting with a consultant (Contact Us). During this meeting, we speak with key personnel and assess your current technology assets. We work with you to determine your technology goals and the IT support services that will fulfill these goals at a reasonable cost. After the meeting, we draft a Customer Agreement which details these goals, services and their schedule. If there's a need for a serious build-out (such as small business server setup or joomla web design) then our IT consultants would generate a Project Estimate breaking the process into discrete elements and estimating their potential cost. After the terms of this Agreement have been negotiated it is executed by Allora and the customer. We offer significant discounts for Customers who sign a Customer Agreement and commit to a schedule of IT support services.

Alternatively, if your technology needs do not require these details, you may sign a basic Customer Agreement which gives you access to our team of consultants, technicians and designers.

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