Our Customers include a wide variety of small to mid sized businesses and non-profit organizations across Central North Carolina.  A few of them are listed below with links to their websites.  Please feel free to contact any of our customers ~ they have all agreed to act as references for our services.

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition of NC
Carson Medlin
Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce
Chapel Hill Training and Outreach Project
Counter Culture Coffee
Emmett Boney Haywood Attorney
JMG Ashborough
McCoy Weaver
Newman Center
Regional Technology Services
Spring Break Travel
Triangle Electric Services

Carson Medlin Company first contacted Allora in 2001, as we were relocating our corporate headquarters and expanding our firm to include multiple satellite offices. We needed a solution that would allow everyone in our various offices to access numerous centrally-located databases and corporate files that were to be updated from multiple locations on a very frequent basis. Because of the extremely time sensitive nature of our work, we had to ensure that all of our locations would be provided a consistent and reliable combination of ease of access and a high rate of transfer. We also have a legal obligation to our clients to ensure a program of regularly scheduled backups of all of our mission critical data. cmcAllora not only understood these specific needs and designed and built a custom network to meet them, but has remained an invaluable member of our team since that time by maintaining the network, troubleshooting unforeseen issues and regularly offering advice on how we can use emerging technologies to better serve our clients. We have found their responsiveness and overall level of service on the back end as we continue to grow our business to be unsurpassed in the industry. I would highly recommend Allora to any business needing IT services.


Steve n Huntington

Vice President

The Carson Medlin Company, Investment Bankers

When the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition of North Carolina (APPCNC) moved into a new space, Allora Consulting built their computer network from the ground up.

"Over the past 8 years the service has been unparalleled, with few system outages, prompt support and a total commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. As a result we continue to refer our own clients and business partners to Allora for IT support and development solutions."

Michele Rimmer, APPCNC Office Technology and Web Administrator.


As a 501c-3, APPCNC was especially concerned about costs - so Allora designed a server-based network which enabled APPCNC to store data, print and communicate easily with shared resources (file, print and exchange servers). It also ensures reliability - by enabling backups from a central source.

Allora also created a remote web workplace for APPCNC which allows staff to access their files when they are away from the office - an important feature since APPCNC conducts trainings and other programs in communities across North Carolina.

Allora continues to support their installation of APPCNC's network with on-call support and timely backups.

"We are proud to have been one of Allors first clients. Throughout the years Allora delivered many top-quality services including:

  • Build, install and maintain a versatile network based on a server running Small Business Server
  • Provide backup hosting for APPCNC email
  • Extra hard drives for easy backup
  • Roaming profiles that allow employees to work from multiple workstations and still access their individual settings and preferences
  • Fax server that enables direct faxing and eliminates the need for printing and standalone fax machines
  • Exchange server to handle email and organizing; and finally, software that runs a Fundraising Database"

Kay Phillips, APPCNC Executive Director.












Our Customers include a wide variety of small to mid sized businesses and non-profit organizations across Central North Carolina. For an indepth look at what we've done for some of our clients (and what we could do for your company), visit the following links:

A few of other customers of ours are listed below. Feel free to contact any of these clients - they have agreed to act as references for Allora.


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