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The partners of Allora Consulting have many years of combined experience in creating practical, cost effective Networks and Websites. We provide IT support services for a wide variety of customer IT needs working as a team to provide you with key technical and human resources, and an impressive array of capabilities and knowledge. Our service area covers Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel-Hill) however we also have clients as far as Hickory, Fayetteville and even Washington DC.

Allora is prepared to handle every aspect of your technical infrastructure, from design, to implementation, to maintenance and technical support. Our IT consultants are skilled project managers, as well as being professional technicians, designers, programmers.

Whether your organization runs on a few dozen computers or just a few machines Allora's IT support services would keep your network running smoothly and cost-efficiently. We've been working with a lot of non-profit organizations and know the specifics of this realm from within.

These days it's absolutely necessary for any company to establish solid web-presence. We helped our customers roll out a wide scope of websites, ranging from brochure-type low-cost websites to formidable web-portals with advanced functionality and interactive features. Of course the first think that meats the eye is the looks of a web-site, Allora's graphic designers are particularly experienced in web projects and logo-development.

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Allora is now hiring a full-time system administrator. Read details here

We are happy to introduce the new appearance of our website in October, 2015. The previous version served us very well since 2010, nonetheless the standards of Web Technology have changed quite a bit in the meantime. In addition to a brand new look for Allora, the new site gained quite a few useful features, improved loading speed and better organization.

Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks are becoming increasingly popular in the present day. Often utilized as a political tool by hacker groups such as Anonymous (who use DDOS attacks to force websites that they want to target to go offline), DDOS attacks can also be directed maliciously at businesses and at the websites of private individuals.

2014 brought a lot of changes to our company. New customers with complicated systems like Thrace Linq or CBC naturally required additional workforce. Eric, Irina and Jason have become essential staff members, each bringing their own specialty skills to the table. This already resulted in greater flexibility and better arsenal of tools under our belt.

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